The starting point for this walk is the disused mountain farm Hyrnavollen in the Mørkridsdalen valley. 

After driving over the bridge at Moen, just follow the road across the river once again and to the large car park.

The path onward through the Mørkridsdalen valley belongs to the Norwegian Trekking Association's network in Luster and is very well cleared and marked. It goes beside the river and then up through the unusual Tjørnaholet formation.

After a while you reach the old mountain farm building at Dulsete. From here, the path is almost level past the old Liane mountain farm and beside the river to Dalen. For many people, the walk will end here, but the fittest can continue up towards Austra and  Arentsbu.

The walking time as far as Dalen is about 2 hours and to Austra 3 to 4 hours.

Posted on March 17, 2014 .