There are 4 unique guest rooms on the upper floor, sharing a pleasant veranda. All rooms have a view of both garden and fjord, apart from room 50, which has a view upwards to the valley. Tingstova is the oldest building at Walaker, dating from 1630.

The building was fully renovated in winter 2001/2 and the guest rooms now reflect the styles of four different epochs. These rooms are included in the historical rooms.  

Room 53 has become the baroque room, with deep colours and the associated skirtings typically of the period. The names Christen and Birgitte are on the door. They ran the guest house at Walaker from 1690 until 1733.

Room 51 has become the rococo room, with lighter colours and more carvings. The names Ludvid and Øllegård are on the door. They were the second generation of Nitter Walakers at the guest house.

Room 52 is the really light room. Louis XIV of France (the Sun King) wanted light colours and we have reflected the historically correct colours in this room. The names Henrik and Mette are on the door. They were the third generation of Walakers.

Room 50 is the Empire room, with colours more like today's. Good, slightly subdued colours that we find familiar. Room 50 has twin beds. The names Eirik and Malene are on this door. They were the fourth generation of Walakers.

Tingstova has been restored backward in time, because the building has been through all these styles. Perhaps this is how it would have looked had it been refurbished two or three hundred years ago.

All the rooms have elegant bathrooms in a classic English style. Rooms 52 and 53 also have elegant bathtubs.

Posted on March 20, 2014 .