Activities around Walaker Hotell


Indre Sogn offers exciting activities, great nature and a lot of interesting history for the visitors.

  • Urnes Stave Church – The oldest stave church in the world was built in 1130. It sits majestically above the little hamlet of Urnes, right across the fjord from Solvorn. You can take the little car ferry from Solvorn, just 50 meters from Walaker Hotel. Urnes stave church has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1979 and is absolutely worth a visit.

  • Hiking in Solvorn – Solvorn has its own network of hiking trails and paths going around the village. Here you will find trails with different levels in the surrounding forests and mountains. You can choose if you want to spend half a day or just an hour walking.

  • Molden – one of the most famous mountains in the area, with an amazing view from the peak. The hike can start from Marifjøra, which is the longest and hardest way to reach the top of the mountain, about 5 hours from the fjord to the mountain peak. An alternative and an easier hike is from Krossen, which will take about 2 hours from the starting point to the peak. Halfway from this starting point, you will reach the old summer farm Svarthiller, which is a perfect place for a rest with a magnificent view over the fjord.

  • The Jostedal glacier – From the innermost part of the Jostedal valley, about an hour's drive from Solvorn, you can get a pleasant view of the biggest glacier in mainland Europe. About 600 metres at its thickest, with an area of about 487 square kilometres, it spreads across almost half of the national park. There is also a glacier centre here, offering a range of activities for all ages. This is the place to go if you want to try glacier walking.

  • Jotunheimen National Park is located just an hour`s drive from our hotel. Here you will find Norwegian nature at its best, with some of the tallest mountains in the country. Hurrungane is one of the most spectacular mountains in the National Park, and you can see the different peaks from Turtagrø.

  • Kayaking – With dramatic green mountains diving down into the clear blue fjords this is a mecca for everyone wanting to experience the nature close by. Keep an eye out for the local fauna, which includes the local seal. There are possibilities to rent kayaks along the fjord.

  • The Nærøy Fjord – The 2-hour ferry trip along Nærøyfjorden to Gudvangen is something everyone should experience while in the area. Safely placed on UNESCO's World Heritage List, this is one of the most spectacular stretches of fjord and mountain in the country. The ferry sails along it leave from Kaupanger and end up in Gudvangen. It carries both passengers and cars. In high season (June-August) you should book your tickets in advance.

  • Museums – Several museums are found in our area. Glacier museums, art museums, folk museums and boat museums. Ask us if there are certain museums you want more information about.

  • White water rafting – If you are looking for some action it is possible to challenge the rivers of Jostedal and Skjolden. A fantastic and spectacular opportunity to explore nature.

  • The Flåm Railway – One of the most scenic train journeys in the world. Goes between Flåm and Myrdal. This is also an alternative route into Sogn if you are travelling by train from Oslo or Bergen.

  • Mountain hiking with a guide – There are a lot of great mountains to explore in the area, with different levels of difficulties and length. You can join different guided trips, or ask for your own guide. The reception staff at Walaker will help you get in contact with a guiding company.

    Other activities:

  • Wine tasting – we have a great selection of wine.

  • Explore the fjord by boat – a rib boat will take you on an exciting trip.

  • Culture hike in Solvorn, together with a local.

  • Climbing/abseiling

  • Bicycle on the south side of the fjord – this road is often called the romantic road, as the scenery is magnificent.

  • Games and fun in the garden – we can recommend boccia, croquet or even a round of horseshoe throwing

  • Explore the fjord, the mountains and the glacier from the air in a helicopter

  • Catching crayfish with crayfish pots.